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                                                               CHAPTER THIRTEEN
                                            DEEP MAGIC FROM THE DAWN OF TIME

Now we must get back to Edmund,  said the white witch. And Edmund was just sitting there so tired , he even forgot that he was really thirsty and hungry. The witch and dwarf were talking close to him , but he was too tired to hear anything , besides they were talking in low tones. At that moment with a rush and a snarl a wolf rushed up to them and said : - I have seen them , they are all at the Stone Table, with Him. They have killed my captain , fly fly!-No, said the white witch. We will fight ! Gather all the ghouls , giants , werewolwes , spirits of those trees who are on our side , boggles , ogres and the minotaurs !Edmund found himself being roughly forced to his feet. The dwarf quickly pulled him , undid Edmunds collar and folded back his shirt at the neck. Then he took Edmunds haird and pulled  his head back so that he had to raise his chin. He lost his mind.Edmund woke up later , something was holding him , they gave him vine and said that he is going to be alright. When he standed up he realised that those things ( animals ) , were Aslans rescue party.As soon as they breakfasted they all went out, and there they saw Aslan and Edmund walking together. Edmund shook hands with each of the others and said - Im sorry.That very moment , a leopard came to Aslan and said that the dwarf wants to talk to him. Aslan accepted him , and he said that the white witch wants to meet Aslan at the gate. ( of course Aslan didn't go alone , he took his friends with him )Aslan went to talk to the white witch , the white which started to talk about the deep magic , but seems that Aslan has forgotten it. Mr beaver tried to speak also , but aslan said - Peace, Beaver - with a very slow growl.But at the last moment , the white witch wanted to talk to Aslan alone.Aslan said yes to her choice and said to fall back to his friends.Lucy quickly came to Aslans ear and said : - Can't we - i mean you, won't you ? will you ? Can't we do something about the deep magic? Isn't there something you can work against it ?But Aslan just turned away , as if he didn't hear that at all.So Aslan talked to the white witch alone , but at last they heard his voice :- You can all come back, i have settled the matter.

2. Answer these questions

a) Why did Aslan's creatures, that came to save Edmund, could not find the Witch?                                          

              Aslan's rescue party couldn't find the white witch because she escaped.

b) What do you think Aslan told Edmund?         

          I think Aslan was talking to him about his past , the things that he did wrong.

c) What was the Stone Table used for by the Witch?

  The stone table was used to kill everybody who was a traitor.

The five words are : 
earnestly - rimtai - you talk earnestly in a serious manner
halted - sustabdyta - The event of something ending
gallop - jodinejimas - to ride a horse at full speed
traitor - isdavikas - Someone who betrays his friends , family and etc.                         
grant - suteikti - when you grant someone powers , permission and etc.  

                                         That's the end of chapter 13.

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Chapter 11 - Aslan Is Nearer

                                                      The Chronicles of Narnia - Chapter 11

Edmund meanwhile had been having a most disappointing time. The witch didn’t like him, he didn’t like the food and he even somehow managed to look bad in witches eyes. The witch wanted to go kill  Lucy , Peter and Susan by a sledge, but Edmund only wanted to be the king, he didn’t want to kill them. Before they left witch gathered the wolfs and sent them to go first.  They were riding in the dark and cold forest , but suddenly the witch spotted something. And she said : 
Well, well, well. What do we have here ? As she said these words to little animals , because they were throwing a party. With a lot of new glasses , plates , forks and spoons. What is the meaning of this. Asked the white witch. 

-Please you majesty, we we’re given them. Said the Fox , who had bravery to speak to the witch.

But the witch was to rude to forgive them , as always.. And so she turned them into stones. After that Edmund for the first time felt sorry not just for himself, but also for the little poor animals.

Now they were steadily racing on again. Soon Edmund noticed that the sledge was going slower and the weather was getting warmer and warmer. He felt a bit strange. At that very moment the sledge started to grind something ( Edmund guessed that it was rocks ) , and soon they crashed into something. And they didn’t crash so bad , it was only a lot of snow. Witches dwarf tried to dig out the sledge from the snow , but he was to weak ( or there was too much snow ) .

In the mean time the white witch said :
-Don’t sit staring, fool! Get out and help.
And of course Edmund had to obey , he stepped out of the sledge and helped the dwarf. But the sledge was to damaged to go further. So they decided to go by they’re feet. When they kept walking , every minute the forest’s started to look greener and greener, the weather was also getting warmer and warmer. He saw a waterfall , and on that waterfall was growing snowflakes , but the dwarf didn’t let him look anymore.  

Suddenly , the sky turned blue, there were birds everywhere, and it seemed that the trees were coming alive also. The dwarf quickly said :
-This is spring , this is Aslan doing, i tell you !!

Imagine you are Edmund in CHAPTER 11 -- how do you feel when you see all the changes in nature? Are you afraid of Aslan? Why/why not? How do you react to the White Witch's behaviour?

If i was in Edmund's body. I would fell like i was disturbing everything , the witch din't like me , i somehow managed to look bad in her eyes. And because of the nature i was a bit schocked , but in the end i knew that it was Aslan , so i was ready to face him. Even thought i only wanted to be the king, and also i wanted for Lucy , Peter and Susan to be my slaves.

What 5 words (from this chapter) would you consider as important/ worth learning? PLEASE LEARN THOSE 5 WORDS.

                                   I would choose these words : 

                                      Sulkily ; swiftest ; vicious ; stammered ; rustling

                              That's it from me , take care =^.^=

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The chronicles of Narnia : Chapters 9-10

First of all i want to say what happened in these chapters :
 Chapter 9 !
All the kids were eating at Mr and Mrs beaver house. But , Edmund was more concetrated on returning to the white witch than having a good meal. Also he was really sad when no one tryed to notice him , it's like he wasn't even there. He thought : Why are they giving me the cold shoulder ?
Suddenly - Mr.Beaver started to talk about the great lion Aslan , and saying that he is alive. Edmund wanted to tell the bad news to the witch and quickly got off the table , putted his coat on and started his jounrey.
Edmund wanted to go to white witchs house , because he knew that he was going to be a prince. The trip was long and tiring. Every ten minutes it began more darker and darker , the snow flakes were bigger and bigger , he also needed to jump across a dam. But finnaly , he saw the gate to white witches house. He was cold and tired. Edmund opened the gate , but suddenly he saw a lion looking at him. He go so scared that he ran in to a corner at sitted there for a few hours. Then he pulled himself together , and tryed to go check the lion. The lion was still there , but Edmund thought that the lion saw him and there was no going back. Edmund walked acros the lion when suddenly in the moonlight he saw that the lion was made out of stone.
He got to the whitches house , passed the guards ( who were wolfs ) and told her the news. The queen was pretty mad that he came alone. Edmund told that the Aslan was alive. White witch was schocked !
Chapter 10 !
As soon as Edmund left the house , Mrs and Mr beaver told the kids that they also need to go to Aslans camp. Mrs beaver was packing food , matches , tea and other things. Susan said :
- But we haven't got time !
- That's what i say , chimed in Mr Beaver.
But Mrs beaver knew that the journely will be very long ant tiring. So she took almost everything.
Finally , they went outside and started to go farther. In the night Mr beaver showed Lucy , Peter and Susan a secret beaver hole in the ground. It was a small , but dry and earthy hole. So they decited to sleep here for a few hours. They heard weird sounds from far away , the sounds were like jingle bells.
Mr beaver got out of the cave like a flash , Lucy followed him. The noise was getting nearer and nearer.
The light shined on Mr beaver , and Lucy thought : "Oh , he's been spoted."
She's caught him! It was a surprise when later they heard Mr beavers voice shouting :
-It's alright sons of Adam and daughters of Eve , It's alright. It isn't her !
End of chapters 9-10

                    How did the author surprise me ?                                          
He surprised me by writing this whole book , this whole book is just a surprise. But seriously , the bet surprising moment was when he added those stoned creatures. It was really cool , and i was exited.

                             What 5 words i would chose to learn ?
  I would choose : Chimed ; Panted ; Shiver ; Curtsey ; Hilt.

                                                       Thank you for reading this.

                                                Thats it from me , take care   =(^.^)=

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My new blog.

Welcome to my first blog site ever , i am very exited and can't wait to start telling stories about narnia and other cool things. So give me examples what i should say or shouldn't say and also , share it with your friends :). 
Thats it , take care.