Thursday, February 23, 2012

The chronicles of Narnia : Chapters 9-10

First of all i want to say what happened in these chapters :
 Chapter 9 !
All the kids were eating at Mr and Mrs beaver house. But , Edmund was more concetrated on returning to the white witch than having a good meal. Also he was really sad when no one tryed to notice him , it's like he wasn't even there. He thought : Why are they giving me the cold shoulder ?
Suddenly - Mr.Beaver started to talk about the great lion Aslan , and saying that he is alive. Edmund wanted to tell the bad news to the witch and quickly got off the table , putted his coat on and started his jounrey.
Edmund wanted to go to white witchs house , because he knew that he was going to be a prince. The trip was long and tiring. Every ten minutes it began more darker and darker , the snow flakes were bigger and bigger , he also needed to jump across a dam. But finnaly , he saw the gate to white witches house. He was cold and tired. Edmund opened the gate , but suddenly he saw a lion looking at him. He go so scared that he ran in to a corner at sitted there for a few hours. Then he pulled himself together , and tryed to go check the lion. The lion was still there , but Edmund thought that the lion saw him and there was no going back. Edmund walked acros the lion when suddenly in the moonlight he saw that the lion was made out of stone.
He got to the whitches house , passed the guards ( who were wolfs ) and told her the news. The queen was pretty mad that he came alone. Edmund told that the Aslan was alive. White witch was schocked !
Chapter 10 !
As soon as Edmund left the house , Mrs and Mr beaver told the kids that they also need to go to Aslans camp. Mrs beaver was packing food , matches , tea and other things. Susan said :
- But we haven't got time !
- That's what i say , chimed in Mr Beaver.
But Mrs beaver knew that the journely will be very long ant tiring. So she took almost everything.
Finally , they went outside and started to go farther. In the night Mr beaver showed Lucy , Peter and Susan a secret beaver hole in the ground. It was a small , but dry and earthy hole. So they decited to sleep here for a few hours. They heard weird sounds from far away , the sounds were like jingle bells.
Mr beaver got out of the cave like a flash , Lucy followed him. The noise was getting nearer and nearer.
The light shined on Mr beaver , and Lucy thought : "Oh , he's been spoted."
She's caught him! It was a surprise when later they heard Mr beavers voice shouting :
-It's alright sons of Adam and daughters of Eve , It's alright. It isn't her !
End of chapters 9-10

                    How did the author surprise me ?                                          
He surprised me by writing this whole book , this whole book is just a surprise. But seriously , the bet surprising moment was when he added those stoned creatures. It was really cool , and i was exited.

                             What 5 words i would chose to learn ?
  I would choose : Chimed ; Panted ; Shiver ; Curtsey ; Hilt.

                                                       Thank you for reading this.

                                                Thats it from me , take care   =(^.^)=

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